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We provide adopted adults with access to adoption file, search for birth family and intermediary service to contact birth relatives. If adopted adult and the birth relative want to proceed with contact, we will support you to exchange letters through us until you both feel that you want to proceed with direct contact or a reunion. We can support you throughout the process from accessing adoption records through to developing a relationship with your birth relative.
As we are a registered adoption support agency, we can access information about an adopted adult’s adoption therefore we can search and approach an adopted adult.
We will check whether your relative has stated their views about contact. Using an intermediary service usually results in more positive results. Some birth relatives may not have told people that they previously had a child that was placed for adoption therefore it is important to use an intermediary to respectfully approach birth relatives.
We often support people who have approached birth relatives themselves and it has not led to a positive response therefore many people will then contact us for support. Our view is that people usually have one chance to approach birth relatives therefore it is important that this is done in a sensitive and appropriate way.
This will vary for every individual. We aim to keep you informed about our progress throughout the service. We will always aim to support people as soon as support is requested. We also offer a premium package for an additional charge which is quicker than our standard service. Contact us for further information.

We believe in providing people with a reasonably priced service. Contact us today for further information about our fees. 

We offer a free initial consultation which will be an opportunity for you discuss your support needs and how we can support you. We also offer a free searching service to ensure that we can locate the person being sought before you are charged.

We are a registered intermediary service who can provide support with tracing, contact and reunions. Many local authority adoption agencies have stopped providing search and intermediary services or have long waiting lists.

The manager is a qualified social worker and has experience of working in local authority children’s services, working within regional adoption service and has managerial local authority experience.

We will respect any views that people may have about contact and we will ensure the well-being of everyone involved throughout the process. If a birth relative does not want contact we will reassure the birth relative that we will respect their wishes in relation to contact.

We can accept payment in instalments. However, we expect that the service is paid in full by the end of each stage.

“I would not hesitate to recommend this service to others”
“I am extremely pleased with the help provided. It made a potentially challenging situation much more manageable, and I would not hesitate to recommend this service to others”
“I found Glesni instantly friendly, informative and professional. Amazing!! Wonderful, unexpected outcome, I am delighted my sister and I are reunited and we are enjoying getting to know each other! So happy!”