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Relatives of deceased adopted adults

Reuniting people separated in life

100% success rate

We support relatives of deceased adopted adults to find out more about their family history.

We are a registered adoption agency therefore we can access deceased adopted adults original birth certificate prior to the adoption. We can also support people to access adoption files for their deceased relatives if there are any adoption records available.

reasonably priced service

We can also support people to search and contact their birth family if you wish to proceed further after accessing the deceased adopted adult’s birth information:


Stage 1 - Initial Consultation and Obtaining information about birth

Initial consultation, ID Check, Accessing birth certificate for deceased adopted adult, Locating or reading adoption records if there are any adoption records available, Checking the view of adoption agency holding the records regarding contact, Sharing the content of the adoption records with the birth relative.

Stage 2 – Search Service £250

Stage 3 – Intermediary Service £300

We provide adopted adults with access to adoption file, search for birth family and intermediary service to contact birth relatives. If adopted adult and the birth relative want to proceed with contact, we will support you to exchange letters through us until you both feel that you want to proceed with direct contact or a reunion. We can support you throughout the process from accessing adoption records through to developing a relationship with your birth relative.
As we are a registered adoption support agency, we can access information about an adopted adult’s adoption therefore we can search and approach an adopted adult.

We will check whether your relative has stated their views about contact. Using an intermediary service usually results in more positive results. Some birth relatives may not have told people that they previously had a child that was placed for adoption therefore it is important to use an intermediary to respectfully approach birth relatives.


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“I would not hesitate to recommend this service to others”
“I am extremely pleased with the help provided. It made a potentially challenging situation much more manageable, and I would not hesitate to recommend this service to others”
“I found Glesni instantly friendly, informative and professional. Amazing!! Wonderful, unexpected outcome, I am delighted my sister and I are reunited and we are enjoying getting to know each other! So happy!”